Cuidado del perro y del salón

Cuidado del perro y del salón 31.1

Dress up time!

Dress up time!

Dress up time!

Those Dogs can't wait to be all dressed up! Pick all the right clothes and accessories to make Dogs the most glamorous puppy the world has ever seen! Race to see who can get dressed faster & fill up their tool bar first - they'll win a star!

Grooming fun!

Every dog needs to have fun but sometimes it can get a little messy and they can get some stuff tangled up in their fur! Use brushes, tweezers, & toothbrushes to make them look perfect again!

Shower time!

Take a bath! Use shampoo and soap before using the blow dryer to dry a dog! Be careful, they can always splash water around so be sure to use the right techniques!


=> Tap to select your dog pals!

=> Feed the dog a whole range of different foods!

=> Give them a shower with the shampoo, and dry them up with the blow dryer afterwards!

=> Use the brushes to get their fur really soft and free of all twigs and leaves!

=> Pick the best clothes combinations for the dog then mix and match the accessories for fun!

What's inside:

=> 2 adorable pairs of dogs!

=> 6 outrageously fun activities!

=> Hundreds of outfits & accessories to choose from!

=> 4 tools to clean the pets!

=> 10 kinds of food to feed them!

=> 1 song scene to enjoy!

Cuidado del perro y del salón


Cuidado del perro y del salón 31.1